Latino Aging Initiative

About the Program

In 2011, through a grant from The Atlantic Philanthropies, HIP launched the Latino Age Wave Initiative, which strengthens Latino aging programs and advocacy efforts in key states where the Latino older adult population is large and growing.  Specifically, the initiative works toward these objectives:

  • Raise awareness and support for Latino aging issues among key stakeholders including funders, policy-makers, and institutional and community leaders.
  • Increase the net amount of philanthropic dollars flowing to Latino aging issues.
  • Expand and improve programs and advocacy efforts that address aging issues in Latino communities.
  • Engage more Latino older adults as advocates for policies that improve the economic health and well-being of Latino elders.

Currently, there are two sites to the Latino Age Wave.  In Colorado, in partnership with the Rose Community Foundation and the Latino Community Foundation of Colorado, HIP has granted 10 Innovative Planning grants and 3 fellowships to organizations and leaders working in the Metro Denver area to promote care for Latino elders. 

Recently, the second site of the initiative launched in California with support from The California Wellness Foundation and The SCAN Foundation.  Currently, HIP is developing an advisory committee of health professionals, academics and funders to drive the California initiative.  Requests for proposals for grants and the fellowship program will be announced in the next few weeks.

The Latino Age Wave Initiative draws upon the promising practices, gaps, and recommendations identified in HIP’s recent Latino Age Wave report:

pdf Latino Age Wave - Full Report 1013.16 Kb

One purpose of the initiative is to pilot philanthropic strategies for responding to the coming Latino age wave and the nation’s increasingly diverse population of older adults.